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IC Tray


A core activity Lee Cycle Resources Pte Ltd (LCR) is that of collection, cleaning and packing of used IC Trays and returning them to the semi-conductor market. This lessen the need for companies to continually buying new trays thus having a cascading effect upon tray manufacturers using less natural resources for production.

LCR engages a tray cleaning facility in Singapore which almost wholly does the recovery of trays including cleaning, warp inspection and packing them for delivery. The facility is ISO certified ensuring standardization of procedures.

IC trays are formatted storage devices that are ideal for storing integrated circuit (IC) chips. Computer chips manufacturers transport their IC chips in these trays because they provide a safe way to move delicate IC chips around both within the manufacturing facilities as well as transporting them to locations outside the factories in the country or overseas destinations.

After removal of the IC chips, the trays can be reclaimed for re-use through a careful process of recycling whereby the trays are cleaned and thoroughly inspected for warpage or breakage. IC trays are of different manufacturing formats to fit differing sizes of IC chips and the recovered trays packed the same make and brand together onto pallets for delivery to buyers. Thus the process of recovering these trays becomes very important in terms of quality inspection to ensure the trays are fit for re-use.

LCR source for the best reusable IC trays that meet the standards of IC chips manufacturers. Trays of specific makes are usually available or may be sourced when required. LCR ensures that recovered trays are properly stacked and delivered to the customer.