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IC Tray

After removal of the IC chips, the trays can be reclaimed for re-use through a careful process of recycling whereby the trays are cleaned and thoroughly inspected for warpage or breakage.


FOSB & Parts

FOSB are specialized containers for transferring wafers from one manufacturing facility to another.

Industrial Drums

Industrial drums that originally held silicon in secure plastic bags are recovered for alternate uses by industrial plants. They are of appropriate size and re-sealable for storing various materials.


Plastic Resins

Recycle Your Plastics provides consumers, recycling and packaging professionals with tools, tips and best practices for recycling more plastic.

Carton Boxes

If you own or manage a business you understand that carton boxes are piling up everywhere nowadays. There are opportunities to recycle them both at home and at your company office


Wafers, Canisters & Rings

Stocks of wafers, wafer packaging canisters (150, 200 & 300mm) and metal as well as plastic rings (200 & 300 mm) are available for sale.



Pallets can be reused many times in industries and protects the bases of items that needed to be transported from place to place. There are wooden and plastic pallets available for reuse.

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A stock lot of 16,000 pieces of 8” metal rings has arrived. Those interested please make an offer through our web email Thank you.