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Recycled plastic resins. We source thermoplastic resin scraps from various production houses that uses large quantity of homogenous plastic packaging. After careful sorting into different types of plastic scraps (eg. polystyrene, polypropylene, polyethylene, etc. bags or sheets) they are compressed into wire-wrapped bales onto pallets, weigh and labelled appropriately.

Recycled IC trays. We source used trays from semi-conductor plants who discard the trays after extracting the computer chips. The trays are subsequently sold “as is” or ordered to undergo a thorough cleaning process where all contaminants are removed and warped trays rejected.

On a contractual basis with the same company, we also collects, cleans and returns IC trays for reuse. This is probably the best way to conserve resources and reduce operating costs.

We offer recycled thermoplastic resins for injection moulding. Our main categories include, but are not limited to ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadeine Styrene), PS (polystyrene), HDPE (high density polyethelene), LDPE (low density polyethelene), PVC (polyvinyl chloride) and PP (polypropylene).

Additionally, we are the principal collector a major wafer fabricator in Singapore for FOSB (front opening shipping box). We have such FOSB in quantity every month and encourages reuse of the FOSB as an effective way to reduce consumption of natural resources that go to produce new FOSB.

For plastic resins, the recommended order quantity that are in stock is a 20-foot container (approx.15 tons) for overseas destination by container ship; for Singapore or Malaysia destinations, the minimum order quantity for plastic resin is 2 tons by lorry.

For recycled IC trays, the minimum order quantity for Singapore and Malaysia destinations (by lorry) and for overseas destination (by ship) is a 20-foot container (approx.10 tons).

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At this time, we only carry thermoplastic resins, in pellet form, for injection mouldings.

In most cases, we can fulfil custom orders for recycled thermoplastic resins or specific brand of IC trays. Please email

General test certifications by accredited laboratory such as SGS (formerly Société Générale de Surveillance) are available with each shipment for that particular lot number.

In general, most orders will be shipped out within the week.

As prices quoted will be based upon “ex-work”, shipping costs are borne by the customer. Where negotiated, shipping with freight and insurance fees can be arranged for buyers with no additional service fees.

We accept only wire transfers upon customer acceptance of quotation. If you would like to apply for credit terms,  Please email