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Carton boxes collected by Lee Cycle Resources from the industries are usually corrugated fiber-board sometimes known as corrugated board or corrugated cardboard. This is usually a combined paper-based material consisting of a fluted corrugated medium and one or two flat liner boards.

Food For Thought – An Art Escapade for the Carton Box?

While technology is frequently devising new ways of doing things, re-use of carton boxes stubbornly remains the same – that is, for packaging purposes by household movers and in the other case, toss to recycling into pulp for industrial use.

How about up-cycling these carton boxes? Given a little more thought, the possibilities are almost endless. Carton boxes can be cut, bent, painted, wrapped and configured in almost any way you can imagine. If you have some artistic talent, you can transform the simple carton box into useful toys, storage containers and many artistic objects or other functional household items.

If you want to buy carton boxes, please drop an email to enquiry@leecycleresources.sg