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With the most appropriate service in Recycling & Cleansing Process


We are here

to solve your problems

With the most appropriate service in Recycling & Cleansing Process

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New Business Stream

The company has started manufacturing carrier tapes for SMT process. Please see the write up in the Manufacturing tab.

Expanding Storage Space

The company has expanded its storage space by acquiring a warehouse at Tuas district in Singapore. Please go to the Team tab and click News for more details.


*updated – January 2019*

Lee Cycle Resources is an industrial material Recovery & Recycling and as of January 2019 also a Manufacturing company. As the former, we can improve your company’s carbon footprint in reducing your production scrap in landfill. For the latter, we will  perform manufacturing of products required for the semi-conductor industry.


A particular activity of LCR is that of collection, cleaning and packing of used IC Trays and returning them to the semi-conductor market. This lessens the need for companies to continually buying new trays thus having a cascading effect upon tray manufacturers using less natural resources for production.


LCR in Singapore contracts to collect industrial production plastic scraps from well-known companies. In some cases, LCR may attached a competent staff at the company premises to collect and stack the scraps properly for transfer to the segregation plant where the plastics are sorted out and re-packed for delivery to the plastics resins manufacturing factory.


LCR is manufacturing carrier tapes for the Surface Mounted Technology process that uses robotic machines to pick and place small components onto the tapes. Polystyrene (PS) “pancakes” are quality assured to provide consistent sealing strength and stable surface resistivity. Precise dimensions are ensured in the process and well-defined pockets are designed for high-speed automated component placement.”


We provide a comprehensive service for handling industrial waste plastic including incidental scraps of carton boxes and oddments derived from production process in factories. The arrangement includes attaching one personnel labour resident at customer’s factory to do daily scraps collection for delivery.

About US

Service With Integrity

This is the customer service ethos that is embraced deeply by the company and its staff. This involves honest dealing with customers and furnishing of relevant and cogent information to customers.

Unambiguous Process

Clear unambiguous process steps resulting in products that meet industrial standards and customers’ need.

Recycled IC Trays

Our trays are sorted into different brands and temperature tolerance limits. They are then properly clean according to strict regulated cleansing procedure, packed and stacked appropriately and labelled clearly. The trays are ready for re-use by companies in the semi-conductor industry.

A socially responsible company that proudly carries the motto “Service With Integrity” that is a core value of the management and staff of Lee Cycle Resources Pte Ltd. Real integrity is doing the right thing knowing that nobody’s going to know whether we did it or not.

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